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🚀 Embark on a Cosmic Journey!
Dive into the world of “Lana and Tardi Space Adventures,” a 30-page STEM-oriented children’s tale that that follows a genius girl from Earth and her adorable tardigrade friend from an alien world.

Lost and drifting in the vast cosmos, Tardi, an alien critter with a resilience like no other, finds hope when Lana, a bright young Earthling, rescues and revives him. Together, they embark on galactic escapades, sealing an unbreakable bond of friendship.

🎉 A Bedtime Read with a Twist!
Suited for young explorers aged 7+, “Lana & Tardi Space Adventures” is the answer to parents craving fresh, engaging tales for night-time reads. Journey through space in rhythmic verses, meeting vibrant characters and uncovering stellar phenomena.

While the tale is full of fun and adventures, it subtly instills knowledge about space, planets, asteroids, and the intriguing tardigrades. It’s not just a story – it’s a launchpad for young minds, igniting their passion for the stars and beyond. Included inside is a fun illustrated glossary of terms!

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As you voyage with Lana & Tardi, we’re adding a sprinkle of cosmic delight – an exclusive WhatsApp sticker pack. Bring your chats alive with these animated stickers, making every conversation an extension of Lana & Tardi’s universe. Don’t miss out on this celestial offer!

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