Buble is a video game studio and creative agency located in Maui, Hawaii. Our talented team of designers, artists and entrepreneurs are laser-focused on creating new products and experiences for the space sector. Our uniquely effective solutions solve real-world problems while simultaneously educating and entertaining.

By developing intellectual properties that elevate potential and expand horizons, kids-of-all-ages can run towards the future as critical-thinking and conscious human beings.

Together let’s create a world of more dreamers bursting with purpose, ambition, and self-determination.

Nurturing Growth

Just as a seedlings needs care and attention to thrive, so too do young minds require nurturing to reach their full potential. By creative unique edutainment intellectual properties we can inspire kids to become space explorers of the future.

Fruits of Labor

With a passion for creativity and a drive to inspire the next generation, we nurture our projects from seed to fruition.

Rooted in Creativity

Our team's commitment to creativity infuses every project with a unique personality, enabling us to achieve our goals in a distinct and effective way.

StronG Foundations

A strong foundation is the key to success. That's why we approach every project with a first-principles mindset, taking the time to deeply understand our clients' needs before crafting custom solutions that are tailored to their unique goals. By building on this solid groundwork, we help our clients achieve their vision and elevate their brand to new heights.

Exploring the Unknown

Buble is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and venturing into uncharted territories, leveraging new technologies to explore the unknown. This drive to explore the vast mysteries of space is at the heart of our company, and it is what sets us apart as we continue to revolutionize the industry and create transformative experiences.

Brand Elevation

Our unique approach to merging science and art enables us to create innovative solutions that not only showcase a brand's mission but also engage and inspire their audience to be a part of something greater. Whether it's through captivating media content, immersive installations, or innovative products, we strive to elevate brands and help them reach new heights.

Community at the Core

Buble is dedicated to building strong connections with our partners and audience. From working with academic institutions to create stunning scientific visualizations, to creating new mainstream media properties that engage and inspire the general public, we're committed in bringing people together to explore the wonders of space and beyond. Together, we can create a better future for everyone.

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