Lana & Tardi Space Adventures





Heroes come from anywhere in the galaxy

Lana & Tardi Space Adventures is a fun and educational show for kids age 9-12. The show follows the adventures of Lana, a 13-year-old genius from Earth, and Tardi, a tardigrade from a distant exoplanet. Together, they travel the Universe, encountering a variety of exciting and fantastical creatures and environments.

In each episode, Lana and Tardi go on a new adventure, visiting different planets and encountering a range of challenges and obstacles. Along the way, they learn about a variety of scientific concepts and discoveries, such as astronomy, biology, and physics. With Lana's intelligence and Tardi's powers, they are able to overcome any obstacle and solve any problem they encounter.

Embark on thrilling journeys filled with twists and turns as Lana and Tardi navigate a universe teeming with excitement. Their escapades lead them into humorous predicaments, sparking laughter and curiosity as they venture across the galaxy. Amidst these challenges, their unwavering teamwork and resourcefulness always shine through, showcasing their clever solutions. Lana & Tardi Space Adventures offers an enthralling blend of fun, intrigue, and learning that captivates its youthful audience. The dynamic storytelling, enriched by cutting-edge science and endearing characters, fosters a deep appreciation for space and science among kids.

Through innovative edutainment, seamlessly fusing education and entertainment, we redefine the way children experience the world of science. Join us in revolutionizing the journey of scientific discovery.

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