Immersive Space Station Exhibits and Experiences

Imagine an all-encompassing, immersive exhibit experience, purposefully crafted to spotlight a groundbreaking new space station. This exhibit can be a centerpiece at prestigious events like Space Com, SXSW, Comic Con, and CES. Beyond merely demonstrating the commercial prowess of the space station, the initiative seeks to penetrate new markets and forge relationships with new partners and clientele. The exhibit is anchored by two principal modules: The 20-foot scale model, termed Element 1, that offers attendees a tangible feel of the space station, and the 10-foot Module, a private enclave designed for intimate meetings with potential partners and clients.

But there's more to the exhibit than meets the eye. Buble's creation, the Cosmic Gateway, stands as a testament to the merger of authentic space data with enthralling experiences. Expected to be a major talking point at conferences, this Moon Engagement Room will undoubtedly pull attendees in droves. Augmenting the physical experience is the digital layer – an Augmented Reality (AR) platform. To dive into this digital realm, visitors register with their personal details, opening a channel for Northrop Grumman to cultivate long-term relationships even after the curtains fall on the conferences.

The exhibit's infrastructure is meticulously planned down to the last detail. From carpeting and seating to cleaning apparatus and stationery, no stone is left unturned to guarantee a frictionless experience for both visitors and exhibitors. But, what truly sets this exhibit apart is the narrative it weaves. It tells the tale of commercial space station aspirations in the vast expanse of space. The exhibit doesn't just showcase; it engages and collaborates. It offers dedicated spaces for meetings, spotlight stellar space science experiments, and beckons sectors like biotech and pharmaceuticals to witness and potentially be part of groundbreaking ventures. In essence, this immersive exhibit is more than a spectacle; it's a gateway to the future, welcoming educators, storytellers, potential partners, and the inquisitive to explore and partake in a new epoch of space exploration and collaboration. To see more of the exhibits we have build go to our Flickr picture archive.

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