About us

We are Buble.

Buble is a creative engine of artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists developing intellectual properties centered around space engagement, education and entertainment.  

Our vision is to enable the near-term epic future of humanity by empowering the young people of today through intellectual properties that inspire vision, purpose and relentless curiosity.


We develop intellectual properties that elevate potential and expand horizons. We want kids everywhere to be empowered to run into their future as critical and conscious human beings and as epic dreamers bursting with purpose, ambition and abundant self-determination.


Creative Process

The scientific method applied to creation.

By applying logic based choices, critical thinking and deep iterative analysis, we level up the development and execution of every project project we take on.



Great answers come from great questions.

We view our work from multiple angles, approaches and perspectives, constantly zooming out to see the larger picture. 


By designing tests and acquiring real-world data we achieve the best possible version of our vision with hyper-attention to the specific details that matter. 


Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Explore and Discover 

Question everything and constantly daydream new possibilties.

Explode Silos 

Break barriers and intersect worlds to harness constructive interference.

Logical Analysis 

Build from first principles and continue to ask great questions.

Create with love 

Epic results with unique  passion.

discover our values 

Empowering Potential 

We want to empower kids with the understanding that with their unique physical embodiment, mind, drive and access to a connected world of endless learning opportunities, that anything is possible and their potential is only defined by themselves. 


Going to the Next Level


Both personally and globally.  We encourage everyone to pull out their wins and build self belief through evidence based self confidence. We want a future built on a mindset of striving to be the possible version of you and applying that thinking to level-up our reality.

The Future is Fusion 

Caring for Future Adults

To ensure that kids of today grow up to become the most incredible adults for tomorrow, they need a framework of inspiration. We are driven to create a new paradigm of intellectual properties that respect kids minds and potential, giving them an epic platform to develop and pursue their dreams. 

We exist at the intersection of art, entrepreneurship, design, science, engineering and technology. We believe in the power of this fusion to change the world and generate a new paradigm in possibilities for the future of intellectual properties and engagement.