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The surface of a distant exoplanet at IAC 2022

Designed from the ground-up to open minds and spark new conversations around space engagement.

The exoplanet world of OMNINANI is inspired by a future where we can see into far-off worlds and the possibilities they hold.

A collision of astrobiology, engineering, and art. Our experience at IAC 2022 gives attendees new ways to interact and make connections, encouraging playful exploration for a brighter future.



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Sonus Ostium

Alien Megaflora

Presented by Buble Studios,
a new type of experience is coming to IAC in 2022.

Remove any preconception of what a conference experience is. What we have in-store is DIFFERENT.


Our immersive and interactive exoplanet world is coming to life, located in the main IAC Exhibit Hall. 

Prepare for transportation.

This year at the International Astronautics Congress, Buble will take attendees across space and time to an entirely alien world. 

To transcend the limits of cosmic scale, we harnessed a tunnel through the fabric of the universe. Step inside and see yourself be drawn across dimensions. 

Infinity Cave

Space-time Portal


Discover how to see new worlds.

Designed for the specific purpose of observing the surfaces of nearby exoplanets, the ExoLife Finder (ELF) has the potential to revolutionize the search for life beyond our solar system.

We are giving a platform to our new partner, the ELF Consortium, to discuss the practical steps to finding life on other worlds, with a dedicated speaker space.

Click here to view the ELF speaker series schedule at OMNINANI, IAC 2022.

The ExoLife Finder

Next Generation Telescope


Starlights and more!

A brand new retail product, designed by Buble, is launching at OMNINANI.


Introducing Starlights, a nightlight for space explorers. 

Explore our new Starlights collection at the dedicated kiosk inside an enchanting starlit crystal cave. 


Retail Experience

Also at Omninani

Image by Lanju Fotografie

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